The Hopkins County Fair, Inc. is planned and conducted according to rules and regulations of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for use of State Funds.

  1. Admission Policy - The $10.00 daily admission price includes fair admission, all events and unlimited rides on the Midway. Individual entry fees, games and food are extra. The admission charge applies to all patrons entering the fair. No discounts will be given to those choosing not to ride the carnival rides. Everyone is expected to pay except individuals under 36 inches in height. Individuals under 36 inches will be admitted free. However those individuals will not be able to ride the carnival rides. Those with official fair passes will be admitted at no charge, but they will not be able to ride the carnival rides without paying the admission fee.

  2. No admission refunds and/or rain checks for any event/show or rides.

  3. The Fair Board reserves the right to close any exhibit operated without recourse, if it be deemed to be set up or operated in any way not in the best interest of the far.

  4. Premium will be paid by the Hopkins County Fair as early as possible after the awards in the various departments have been made and checked.

  5. Any premium check not cashed by 90 days will be forfeited to the Hopkins County Fair.

  6. Each concessionaire will confine him/herself to the space assigned to him / her. Failure to do so will subject him/her to the State and County Boards of Health.

  7. The Fair assistants will exercise every reasonable precaution to safeguard the public, exhibitors, employees and exhibits, but positively will not be liable for death, loss, theft, damages, or injuries to person, animal and articles.

  8. Neither the Hopkins County Fair Board, web page designer, or catalog publishers are to be held in any way liable for any misprints or errors.

  9. Events, times, prize money, or rules may be changed as deemed necessary by the Hopkins County Fair Board.

  10. No exhibitor may draw more than two monies in any one class. Adult classes open to all exhibitors.

  11. Registration papers will not be required for 4-H and F.F.A. classes.

  12. The management will not be responsible for accidents.

  13. The judges’ decisions will be final. The judge may refuse to consider any animal which in his opinion is being shown out of class.

  14. The exhibitor is to provide necessary care for animals during the entire time they remain on the grounds.

  15. All goats must have been born after August 15th.

  16. All hogs six months of age or over, except market class, must be purebred, registered and evidence of eligibility produced. Certificates of registration of sire and dam must be produced for all pigs under six months of age. Must be entered and exhibited in name of bona fide owner.

  17. All unruly beef bulls must be rung and shown under staff.

  18. If in the opinion of the health inspector (from the state Veterinarian’s office) an animal shows symptoms of communicable disease (pink eye, ringworm, etc.) the animal will not be allowed to be unloaded from the truck or other vehicle and participate in the show.

  19. General Farm and Garden displays shall be vegetables produced by the exhibitor and be arranged for display in container (tray or basket) when brought in by the exhibitor. Display will be judged on variety, attractiveness, originality and quality of products.

  20. Poultry and rabbits will be displayed in show coops furnished by the management.

  21. For rules affecting entry and release times on livestock, see each department.

  22. All Commercial exhibits to be left until 12:00 midnight Saturday night.

  23. No dogs allowed on Fairgrounds, service dogs exempt from this rule.

  24. Entries made in 4-H and F.F.A. classes must have been produced in conjunction with an approved project sponsored by these organizations. “open” classes are open to all exhibitors unless otherwise specified.

  25. The manager or superintendent of any department shall have the authority without liability or recourse to the Hopkins County Fair Board, to bar any exhibitor or his representatives, in the event of a discourteous act to a Judge or an official of the Fair, and he shall have power to disqualify the entry of said exhibitor. In the event of such disqualifications, the exhibitor forfeits any prize money won.

  26. Kentucky State Fair guidelines will govern all youth open and youth livestock shows.

  27. All beauty pageants conducted according to KAFHs rules and regulations.

Hopkins County Fair Rules Updated:   June  19,  2017

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